As many of you know there were several questions and concerns over the test for the CALP line. We checked into the concerns that were mentioned and went over these with the company. Once again we asked the company to just do away with the testing for the CALP but they would not agree to this.
So here is what we came up with to address the concerns we had.
  • The company has agreed to go back and re-calculate all the tests scores the way we understood they would be scored. This will only have a positive impact on the scores and will not lower anyone’s score. Doing this will increase some peoples scores enough that they will now have a passing score.
  • After re-calculating the scores, if an employee still has a grade that is not passing in any of the test parts, the company will allow that person to re-test on that part prior to the jobs being posted.
  • No one will be required to retest for any part that was passed
  • This round of testing will only be available to employees who took the test already but did not have a passing score on one or more of the test sections.
  • The company is beginning this retesting September 4th and it will end September 11th for the maintenance employees only. The people who are eligible to retest have been contacted by the company to schedule their retest times. The company is doing the Maintenance retest first so they can post these jobs the week of September 14th-18th.
  • The retesting for the production employees will be done at a later date once the company determines when the jobs will be posted. At that time the company will contact these employees to set up times for retesting.
  • During these testing sessions the company and the Union will both have a representative present to make sure everything is communicated correctly and to be there while the test are scored.
  • Once again, if you previously passed the test you will not be required to retest. If you passed some sections of the test but not all, you will only be required to retest on the parts you didn’t pass.
  • If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact your Grievance Committee Person, Dale Cooper, or Chris Geary.